Monday, February 2, 2009

The Perils of Having an un-American Name

Reporters conducting street interviews on the candidates for CNN (These are not jokes).

Reporter: What do you think of Barrack Obama?

Middle-aged man: I think we should be trying harder to capture him. What are we doing in Iraq when Obama is still out there, still a threat to America?

Reporter: No, I mean Barrack Obama from Chicago. What do you think of him?

Middle-aged man: How did he get into the country? Don't tell me he came through Mexico! We really need to tighten our borders.

Reporter: What do you think of Barrack Hussien Obama?

30-something man: He got what was coming to him, that's all I can say. He committed crimes against humanity and got what he deserved. I don't feel sorry for him at all.

Reporter: May I ask whom you plan to vote for in 2008?

20-year-old man: I really like that guy, what is his name, Obrack Barama.

Reporter: What about you sir? Who gets your vote in 2008?

19-year-old man: Your mama.

Reporter: Pardon me?

19-year-old man: Broke Your Mama. That's who I'm voting for. Broke Your Mama.

Reporter: Oh I see. And what about you miss?

21-year-old woman: Me? I'm voting for ..uh..Baroque Alabama.

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