Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More pictures of WYD

World Youth Day 2005
Free love under the Church's umbrella

Top, first row, adolescents of both sexes sleeping close to each other without any barrier to prevent their bad instincts from developing.

Second row, a smiling punk with an extravagant hairstyle looks as if he is being blessed by the billboard's Benedict XVI Right, another punk feels at ease in the tolerant ambience of Cologne 2005 (in German, Köln 2005)

New devotees

To express their enthusiam for Ratzinger, young women tattoo their lower backs with the phrase: "I love the Pope !" [in German, Ich liebe den Papst !]

It is undisputably an original way to express devotion for the Papacy. There is also no question that this and other such initiatives were allowed by the clergy who direct the youth. A "sign of the times" indicating where the formation of youth is heading. It is a good example of the fruits of Vatican II in the present day pastoral as well.


nraviva83 said...

For me, the organiser suppose to do the WYD in the separate place but in the same country.

EG: Sabah
Male in Tanjung Aru
Female in Sutera Harbour

In the end of the WYD,the 2nd last day maybe,they should combine together male n femALE .
wHICH THEY can do presentations,sharing and whatever other activities..

so that there will b less immoral activities among the different sexes.

Avanus said...

Hehe yes...very traditional way. There is more actually...even worst that you will not even dreamed of becoming an organizer for this event...I'll keep you posted.